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About us

Thierry srl was established in 1963 thanks to an idea of Emil Thierry: to bring to the brokerage steel sector something that would make a difference. A simple but efficient idea, by translating the human value in business value, guaranteeing a constant trustful relationship through solid and structured knowledge in the international steel sector.


Fifty years and three generations after, that idea is grown becoming a company that every year trades ten thousands of tonnes of steel all over the world.


 Thierry srl is an independent and free company that has a wide international network able to offer to customers a tailor made service.

To know the people, to know the products, to know the markets. Sound obvious? It’s not. Imagine a company that speaks your language. An international DNA that allows us to speak with you in German, in English, in Italian, in French and Mandarin. We think you know how much difference a shade can do.


In every market you are looking for a solution Thierry srl brings you directly to the source. We have direct contacts with the producers and directly with them you will talk, offering considerable cost and time savings, cancelling the risks of misunderstandings that are inevitably connected with the often too many steps.


We believe in transparency. Every customer has total control in every phase, booth strategic and operative from the order to the delivery of the goods.

We believe in simplicity. The more you reduce weight the more you reach height. A network located in every strategic area but extremely light and flexible really allows to realize tailor made solutions. Reaching earlier and exactly to the goal.

We believe in strictness. The trustful relationship we build with every customer is the idea we were born, grew up and will always go on with. If this idea resembles you, follow us.

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